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Vision & Mission

APU Vision Statement
APU Vision Statement

APU Vision Statement

APU strives to develop positive, contributing members of the local and global community. As community members, students demonstrate concern, not only for their personal well-being but also for the well-being of others. Through problem-solving, empathy, altruism and community service, APU inspires students to become global leaders.

APU Mission Statement
APU Mission Statement

APU Mission Statement

APU is committed to providing a quality American education/experience in Vietnam. Our focus is on nurturing skills in communication, critical thinking and creativity. APU empowers self-directed learners in the areas of academic excellence, athletics, the arts and 21st century skills. Through a variety of academic pathways, we create internationally-minded global citizens.

APU Beliefs Statement
APU Beliefs Statement

APU Beliefs Statement

We believe:

  • Each student is unique, has distinctive learning styles and individual rates of development and require a variety of teaching strategies.
  • Students learn best in an environment where leaders are prompt and prepared and that promotes care for others, acceptance of responsibility, where children are encouraged to work together and showing respect to others.
  • Students are challenged by a curriculum that is dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of society.
  • Teachers and administrators are professionals who work continuously to upgrade their knowledge and engage in activities that enhance their effectiveness as educators.
  • Teachers and administrators will seek to develop innovative and creative strategies that enhance the educational climate.
  • School personnel, students, parents, and the community will work in partnership and demonstrate an active commitment to education.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRS):

These are the expected skills and characteristics that students should have when they graduate:

Academic Excellence Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Learning should promote personal academic growth and achievement with a focus on:

       • Creativity and critical thinking

       • Effective communication

       • Self-motivated learning

       • Reflective learning


Purpose Purpose


Student learning will focus on the purpose of emphasizing leadership, empathy and responsibility. Therefore students will:

       • Exhibit personal responsibility, respectful conduct and good citizenship

       • Will act in a safe manner and look out for the safety of others

       • Focus on collaboration, team building and sportsmanship

       • Develop skills of Global Leaders

       • Actively engage and contribute to the community


Understanding Understanding


Students should have an understanding of themselves, their role and responsibility in the world and therefore:

       • Exhibit a healthy lifestyle

       • Demonstrate resiliency

       • Maintain positive social, emotional and physical well-being

       • Develops a variety of interests and pursuits to live a balanced life