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APU International School strives to provide a rich tradition of alumni involvement in the life of the school and an active relationship with current alumni. The objective of the APU Alumni Association (AAA) is to provide members with an organization through which they can maintain an active and constructive relationship with one another. The AAA board is made up of members from around the globe. They continually seek to promote the common interest as well as the welfare interest of the alumni body.

The APU Alumni Association seeks engagement from all former APU students to reconnect with former classmates, establish connections, and carry on APU traditions. There are many formal and informal ways in which graduates may participate in the life of the school, including membership in the association, participation in the Summer Internship program, and opportunities to serve as a Class Representative. Alumni are welcome back to the school for class reunions and gatherings, student activities, performances, sporting events and assemblies. Many alumni have come to return to APU and to take on positions as faculty and staff.

Over the past decade, APU graduates have supported the school by serving as role models for current students, providing valuable information on their US university experiences and establishing career and internship networks.

Alumni Information Update

Alumni Information Update