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05/07/2024 80

🌟 US Summer Tour 2024 - the unforgettable adventure of APU Eagles has come to an end. This golden opportunity allowed students to experience American culture and education firsthand, spread their wings towards their study abroad dreams, and conquer the world's intellectual peaks.

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✈️ The journey to the land of opportunity took students to vibrant cities like Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, and more. APU Eagles not only explored famous landmarks and honed their English skills but also made new friends and broadened their horizons.

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🎓 The highlight of the trip was setting foot on some of the most prestigious "knowledge sanctuaries" in the United States: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), San Diego State University, University of California San Diego (UC San Diego), Arizona State University (ASU), and more. These top universities are the breeding grounds for great minds and a source of endless academic inspiration.

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👏 In addition, students enjoyed amazing entertainment at Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studio, Hoover Dam, visited the blockbuster movie sets of King Kong and Underwater World, and challenged themselves with thrilling rides - creating unforgettable memories!

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💖 With this treasure trove of new experiences, APU-ers gained a closer look at the American education system and the diverse academic programs at prestigious universities, empowering them to make the most informed decisions about their future academic paths and dream pursuits.

🌈 Farewell, US Summer Tour 2024! We wish the APU Eagles to continue their studies with even greater enthusiasm, accelerate their development, and conquer all challenges in the future!

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