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10/11/2021 293

“APU strives to develop positive, contributing members of the local and global community. As community members, students demonstrate concern, not only for their personal well-being but also for the well-being of others. Through problem-solving, empathy, altruism and community service, APU inspires students to become global leaders.”

APU Scholarship Program Description

For the 2021-2022 academic year, APU is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships within the themes below. Scholarships are primarily offered to elementary to high school students (both Bilingual and International Programs). 

The scholarship themes include: 

1. High Academic Achievers Scholarship: This is for students showing the highest potential for academic achievement. [Gr 6 and higher]

2. Musicians Scholarship: This focuses on students that show exceptional performance and music talent. [Gr 6 and higher]

3. Athletic Scholarship: To be awarded to high achieving competitive athletes to celebrate the grand opening of the APU Sports Arena completing late this academic year. [Gr 6 and higher]

4. Community Leaders Scholarship: For students that have demonstrated a clear commitment to the community that demonstrate clear alignment with APU’s Purpose statement. [Gr 9 and higher]

5. Citizens of the World Scholarship: APU acknowledges that a racially/ethnically diverse student body benefits and enriches the educational experiences of all students, faculty, and staff. APU looks to recruit students that will advocate for an inclusive, diverse, and accepting global community. Applicants are non-domestic students. [All grades]

Scholarship Duration, Amount and Eligibility

Amount: APU will award multiple scholarships for more than 100 high achieving students. Individual scholarships may have a value up to billions of Vietnamese dong. Two full tuition and fees scholarships will be granted this year.

Duration: Scholarships are granted through the duration of the program the student is entering. The programs are below:

– International Elementary School (Pre-K to Grade 5)

– International Middle School (Grade 6 to Grade 8)

– International High School (Grade 9 to Grade 12)

– Bilingual Elementary School (Pre-K to Grade 5)

– Bilingual Middle School (Grade 6 to Grade 8)

– Bilingual High School (Grade 9 to Grade 12)

Maintenance: To maintain the awarded scholarship, students must maintain a GPA above 3.3 (and 3.8 with the full tuition and fees scholarship) and maintain good behavioral standing.

To be considered for and retain a scholarship, students must successfully: 

– Applicable to new, non-APU students who enroll into the 2021-2022 SY

– High Academic Achievers Scholarship, Musicians Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship: Open to MS and HS students, grades 6 and up, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang Campus

– Community Leaders Scholarship: Open to grades 9 and up, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang Campus

– Citizens of the World Scholarship: Open to Kindergarten and up, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang Campus

– Display exemplary academic and behavior excellence through academic studies, leadership, community involvement, and extracurricular activities;

– Demonstrate initiative, drive, and dedication in all school-related involvement; and

– Represent APU to the highest standard.

Applications can be found below.

Scholarship Application