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Scholarship For Kindergarten-G1 Up To 40%- Feel The Unique Studying Environment Of APU American International Schools

04/06/2024 117

👉 High Independence

APU's program encourages for students to give personal opinions, and to have the thrill for research. Students learn to stand up for their beliefs as well as respect others' beliefs. These kind of education allow for students to develop themselves personally.

👉 Environment encouraging personal developments

Education at APU prioritize curiousity and individual uniqueness. In each class, students are in the center, they can freely voice their thoughts and are encouraged to speak up; teachers serve as guides, encouraging students to reach deep into their personal thoughts and not imposing on their views. To have confidence and persuassion skills in conversations, students must research on their own, refer to documents, and utilize their strengths.

👉 Education through real experiences

One of the special factors of APU's system is reality. Students are able to expereicne real life situations instead of being crammed with knowledge all the time. Learning combined with technology and projects, building up skills from working in groups. Students are able to be confident in front of crowds, improving their leadership skills in the future.

👉 Setting your education right at elementary

Elementary students at APU are able to learn basic skills, experiences that inspire creativity, and development in education and knowledge. Students will always know their personal goals and not be pressured about grades and tests.

Here's how to register for our “Future Talent Scholarship” program for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students:

📍 Send a message to our APU Fanpage includes the following information:

1. Full name of Father/Mother:

2. Year of birth/grade level intended to register:

3. Phone number:

4. Email:

Note: We will prioritize registrations received first. Our admissions team will contact you to confirm your registration information.

📍 For details about the study program, incentives and consultation registration, please visit: http://tuyensinh.apu.edu.vn/