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Alumni Success Story

Park Sohyun

06/05/2022 695


Sohyun Park is a salutatorian of APU American International School in 2019- 2020, who has achieved countless impressive academic achievements. During her time at APU, Sohyun always maintained excellent academic results.

As one of the first international students at the APU Danang Campus, she was quite shy and difficult to adapt to the new study environment and living place. However, teachers, friends, and staff have helped Sohyun have a memorable experience at APU, generally in Vietnam.

Sohyun shared about her time at APU: “ I think the learning environment at APU is great for independent study. The teachers were friendly and gave me much advice both in academics and future careers. Students who want to study more provide additional learning materials such as related books, documentaries, websites, etc. They have been accommodating and supportive in university admission, writing me recommendation letters and revising my application essays. Since APU provides programs like CBP for students, I believe students can benefit from them and prepare for their future at APU. My favorite thing about APU is that anyone can be fluent in English by the time of graduation. Even the students like me, who were bad at English and did not like it, can improve naturally through its English-speaking environment and curriculum from ELD to ELA and even CBP English. Even in the regular subjects, we have a lot of essay assignments and research presentation projects that prepare your English enough for the university in the future.”

At APU, Sohyun is always encouraged to think independently and develop skills in many different aspects. That has become a solid foundation for Sohyun, helping her get the desired results when taking the entrance exam to prestigious Korean universities. Moreover, APU always listens and respects her comments and brings more suitable study plans for her future.

What Sohyun achieved after graduating from APU is having successful university admissions in Korea. She passed most of the screening tests, went through final interviews, and at last, Sohyun was admitted to two prestigious universities: Sogang University and Sungkyunkwan University. After much thought, Sohyun will study at Sungkyunkwan University in Spring 2021, majoring in Social Sciences.

Sohyun is touched to share about her hard work while studying at APU: “ I would like to say my biggest accomplishment in APU is graduating as a salutatorian. This means a lot to me since I started my high school year at APU as an ELD student. With support from all the teachers and friends and my persistent efforts, I could have this successful result. Therefore, I want to encourage every APU student who has any learning difficulty to take a step forward because everyone has limitless potential to overcome them. APU will accompany and support each student on their journey”.