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Alumni Success Story

Nguyen Phuong Linh

19/10/2022 695


With acceptance letters from 6 prestigious US universities and impressive scholarships up to nearly 300,000 USD (~7 billion VND), Nguyen Phuong Linh - a talented alumni of APU also make others admire when she has been admitted directly to the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam - a public research university and an administrative unit under the management of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

Although Linh may seem to be shy, she is an active student and brings a lot of positive energy to people around her. When being asked about her high school, Phuong Linh shared: “At APU, each student and teacher has their own personality but everyone is very friendly and ready to support each other when there are difficulties. That's what made me feel very comfortable and homelike.” As a former member of the APU Student Council, Linh along with her friends organized plenty of extracurricular activities and creative and unique events at APU. Linh was also known as an important member of the APU Cheerleading team where she puts positive energy into sports competitions.

Receiving admission offers from plenty of prestigious universities such as Arizona State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Florida Institute of Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, The American University in Vietnam, Central Michigan University; Phuong Linh decided to pursue her academic path at The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, majoring in International Communication. Talking about her decision, she said: “ Becoming a student of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, you must have a solid foundation of English and an excellent academic record in high school. Studying in an international environment with a high-quality training program has given me all the knowledge and skills I need to pursue this selective major as well as giving me a lot of advantages when I was admitted directly".

Hopefully, with the sincere and energetic sharing from Phuong Linh, we can have more confidence to stay on our learning path. Wish Linh will always keep this confident spirit to achieve more success in the next journey.