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Alumni Success Story

Nguyen Huong Vi

29/04/2022 861


Congratulations to Nguyen Huong Vi, a grade 12 student of APU International School, for being excellently admitted to University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada.

The reality of being accepted to the 29th globally ranked University is still unbelievable and unsettled in Vi as she told us her emotional story: “APU is my dear home. The students are friendly to each other as a family, and the teachers are extremely lovely and dedicated, helping students in all the problems even the smallest ones”. She also happily shared her journey of being accepted to her university: “UBC is my dream university. For me, it’s a school out of reach. It was made possible because I was provided with the best American curriculum, and the experiences I gained through participating in Student Council helped me to gain confidence, problem-solving skills as well as interviewing and essay writing skills for the application”.

It is also impossible not to mention that Vi has a remarkable list of extracurriculum activities that she joined during the years studying at APU: 3 years participating in Student Council; 2 years as a member of APU Women’s Basketball Team; an active member of the Science Club (Vi and other students recently attended the STEMCON 2019 in Da Nang, where they introduced their scientific research projects to thousands of guests). Additionally, Vi is also a content editor for Germer Team, a non-profit organization with a mission to bring classical music closer to Vietnamese people.

At UBC, Vi will study Business and Computer Science majors which are high ranked of each category globally (according to US news). The dream of studying abroad has opened the door to welcome Vi and the APU family wishes you the greatest successes in the future.