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Alumni Success Story

Nguyen Hung Manh

31/10/2022 1449



Let’s meet our talented APU Alumni Nguyen Hung Manh - Sam, and listen to him sharing about how he got accepted to University of Sydney, top 2 university in Australia, with a scholarship to study Bachelor of Science (Medical Science).
Talking about his experience at APU, Sam said that he was really honored and grateful to take the CBP program in which he had great chances to nourish his passion for science study including health and psychology. He also said that the projects and campaigns incorporated in the curriculum eventually became a valuable experience and an inspiration for him to pursue his medical career pathway.

The credit accumulation along with the CBP program in tandem with UMKC at APU has helped Hung Manh to not only flourish his passion but also graduate early with a nearly perfect GPA and outstanding AP scores. Besides those amazing academic achievements, Sam is also a well-rounded student as he has impressed everyone with his incredible drawing and piano skills in many extracurricular activities as well as music performances.

“APU is where I have met all of my dearest friends and all of the conscientious teachers who I have learned a lot from. I want to say thank you to everyone, especially Dr. Thy Binh who has dedicated her effort to developing an American quality learning environment in VietNam and I believe APU will become better and better in the future.” - Hung Manh shared his feelings. “One of my friends in APU school, Bao Chau, will study the same degree at the same school as me, so I think we can assist each other on this journey and make the teachers at APU proud.”

Congratulations to our talented alumni Nguyen Hung Manh, and we hope that you will become a successful doctor in the near future.