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Alumni Success Story

Ngo Dat

27/10/2022 1626


Ngo Dat, APU-alumni of class 2021 graduated early as an 11th grader and received full scholarship offers from 3 of the top 50 US universities in America without an SAT or IELTS score:
· DePauw University, scholarship worth 130,000 USD (Top 46 US Universities)
· Whitman University, scholarship worth 121,000 USD (top 38 National Liberal Arts Colleges)
· Denison University, scholarship worth 117,600 USD (top 42 National Liberal Arts Colleges)

In addition, Dat also received many other scholarship offers from prestigious universities such as Arizona State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Florida Institute of Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, The American University in Vietnam - AUV, Central Michigan University, Indiana University of Bloomington, and the University of Pittsburgh with a total scholarship value of more than 646,600 USD (worth 15 billion VND). After considering his options, Dat decided to study Psychology from Denison University. His scholarship is worth more than 2.4 billion VND.

Ever since becoming a student at APU, Dat has sought ways to shape his dream of becoming a psychologist by working hard and investing time in accumulating knowledge. APU was the perfect place for him to do this. Dat tells us “The teachers at APU and Dr. Thy Binh are the biggest inspirations for me to be more confident in pursuit of my dreams. In particular, the American standard program at APU as well as the CBP credits at APU helped me graduate 1 year earlier than my peers and receive scholarships for direct admission to many universities without ever having to take the SAT or IELTS.”

Dat's achievements once again add to the list of remarkable achievements of APU alumni. Among them are Dinh Khang Hy, APU alumnus of 2010 class, PhD student, who currently teaches at Tufts University (Top 28 best universities in the US). Dang Kim Thi, APU alumnus of the class of 2012, who is now a Doctor of Pharmacy in the US; Le Thi Hai Anh, Class of 2013, who is currently a Master of Finance (MBA) and a professional financial advisor CPA (Certified Public Accountant); Huynh Thanh Huy, 2011 Master of Finance, who worked at Deloitte, one of the four largest financial companies in the world; Nguyen Ngoc Huyen Tran, class of 2008, who graduated with a Master's degree from Stanford University and worked at leading corporations around the world including Tesla and Microsoft; Truong Buu Van, APU class of 2010, graduated as valedictorian at The University of Texas at Austin, currently serving as a Senior Operations Supervisor at AbbVie (Abbot); and Tran Thien Hong Anh, Class of 2013 who is about to complete the Doctor of Dentistry program at Oregon Health & Science University; Le Ngoc Truyen, who graduated in 2012, excellently earned a Master of Science degree at the University of California, Berkeley (ranked 9th in the world-renowned higher education institutions) is currently working at the Lygos multinational corporation; and many others.

APU is extremely proud of all the efforts put in by our alumni every day they work toward new achievements. Once again, congratulations to Dat. We hope that you remain steadfast on your journey to achieving your dreams.