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Parent Testimonials

Mr Le Thang Long

26/06/2024 63

Mr. Le Thang Long, the parent of the Class of 2024's outstanding Salutatorian - Le Long Quan

💛 Amidst the solemn and joyful atmosphere of the APU American International Schools Graduation Ceremony, heartfelt speeches from parents were always a touching highlight, leaving the entire hall with a sense of deep emotion and reflection. The sharing of Mr. Le Thang Long, the parent of the Class of 2024's outstanding Salutatorian - Le Long Quan, was a testament to this.
"Today, we are filled with immense joy as we witness our children graduate with remarkable achievements... I extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh, all the esteemed teachers, experts, and the entire school staff. Your unwavering dedication has instilled in our children good morals, values, and excellent knowledge within an advanced international cultural and educational environment. With utmost dedication, you have nurtured our children to possess sharp minds, pure hearts, and overall well-being. For this unwavering commitment, we, along with our graduating students, will forever remain indebted."

💙 In addition to his profound gratitude towards Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh, the teachers, and the school, Mr. Long also addressed his son Long Quan and the graduating APU students with a message of hope and encouragement: "Today marks a pivotal milestone in your lives. As parents, we hold immense faith and hope that you, our beloved children, are now ready to soar high and reach for the stars, venturing across the globe to learn, grow, and contribute to the betterment of yourselves, your families, and our nation. We aspire for you to embrace the world's knowledge and return to Vietnam, carrying the torch of innovation and excellence, just as Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh and our esteemed teachers have done for us."
⭐ Mr. Le Thang Long's heartfelt speech of gratitude serves as a tremendous source of motivation for APU to continuously improve and develop in the future. APU deeply appreciates and recognizes the trust of Mr. Long and all the parents who have chosen APU as the place to sow the seeds of their children's dreams and aspirations.

🏫 Once again, APU congratulates the Class of 2024's outstanding Salutatorian Le Long Quan and all APU students on their successful graduation! We wish you all the best as you embark on your future endeavors and achieve remarkable success.