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Alumni Success Story


31/05/2022 926


Mai Le Khanh Trinh – James, an APU HCMC alumnus and one of the Top 5 graduates of APU International School System, Class of 2021. James was awarded a total of 388,000 USD in graduation scholarships from: Arizona State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Florida Institute of Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, The American University in Vietnam, and Central Michigan University. James is also one of the class of 2021’s early graduates, having completed the American high school program at APU one year early.

James studied at APU from 2015 to 2021 and quickly demonstrated a serious study plan. He was always focused on his goals, and adhered to the individual training schedule that APU’s Advisory Board advised(*). He not only excelled academically but also demonstrated his global citizenship as one of 20 students representing APU International School at the Oxford Model United Nations Conference in Singapore in 2019. In class, he proves his ability through scientific research projects in groups and individually.

Principal of APU HCMC, Mr. Donald Stephen Howell said: “I taught James CBP (**) classes, several years ago. He was an excellent student, and had excellent study habits. He also improved, and developed his writing and research skills during that time. I’m very proud of James, and the academic progress he is making at Arizona State University. He’s adjusting well to university life, and he’s an excellent example of successful APU Alumnus, studying in the United States”.

Mr. Bill Pham, Vice Principal, Head of Mathematics and Science Department, APU HCM commented: “James is an excellent student who demonstrates a growth mindset and qualities of a good leader. While striving for academic excellence, he also cares for people around him and goes above and beyond to support his classmates. It’s no surprise to learn that James continues to excel at ASU”.

From America, James wrote, “Half a year before graduating from school, all students switched to online learning to ensure safety due to Covid, however, my friends and I all graduated on time. The process of learning online at APU gave me a lot of skills. When entering ASU last semester, I also had to study online because I couldn’t go to the US yet. I find that the learning environment of APU is not much different from university. So I am completely confident that I will get good results in school.”

Early 2022, James finally went to the United States. He is majoring in Computer Science Engineering at The Ira A. Fulton School at ASU, and he was awarded the Dean’s List (***) certificate for outstanding academic results of the first semester.

Sharing this joy with the school, Khanh Trinh’s mother, Mrs. Le Truong Tuong Thuy said: “My family expresses our sincere gratitude to the teachers of APU, especially Dr. Binh Thy Nguyen Tran, who has supported and guided James since the early days of establishment. APU has given James a solid foundation. I believe James has been prepared well thanks to the wholeheartedly devoted teachers at APU. For many years, I have sent all of my children to APU; James’s two brothers are also in middle school at APU. My family is completely secure and happy with this decision.”

(*): at APU, each student has a unique learning path depending on the student’s individual learning ability and orientation.

(**): The COLLEGE BRIDGE PROGRAM (CBP) is a collaboration between the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and APU that allows high school students to enroll in UMKC courses. Students will be issued a UMKC university transcript recognizing the credits earned upon successful completion of the course. These credits can be transferred to other prestigious U.S universities.

(***): This is a certification only for students with excellent transcripts with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.