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Alumni Success Story


05/07/2024 64

💐️🏅 A radiant "flower" who always smiles brightly and spreads positive energy to everyone - that is Luu Anna, a talented student loved by all teachers and friends at APU. With her hard work, passion, and continuous learning spirit, Anna has excelled to become the Valedictorian of APU Class of 2024. This achievement marks a turning point in Anna's journey to conquer new intellectual peaks around the world.

🏆️ Throughout her years of study at APU, Anna has always affirmed herself as an outstanding student with impressive academic achievements. Her tireless efforts and burning passion have helped her reap well-deserved results: Scholarships totaling nearly USD 400,000 (over 10 billion VND) from many prestigious universities in the United States such as Arizona State University (ASU), Central Michigan University (CMU), Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC),... More importantly, Anna was honored to receive the "golden key" to University of Sydney - the No. 1 prestigious university in Australia in many fields. Renowned for its outstanding education quality, leading research activities and commitment to sustainable development, University of Sydney is the dream destination for Anna's educational path.

📖️ Standing on the graduation speech podium, Anna reminisced about two memorable milestones in her study journey at APU: The first milestone seven years ago, Anna and her mother had a fateful meeting with Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh, Chair Of Boards Of Directors & Management of APU Educational Development Group.  “The two powerful women in my life took the time to discuss how I could excel in high school. If not for this important event, I would not have been able to stand here today and represent the graduating students.” Anna shared.

🎓 The second milestone occurred when Anna's mother and Dr. Binh had the opportunity to meet again after witnessing Anna's remarkable growth.  “Through this meeting and many in-depth discussions with Dr. Binh, I was able to identify my future educational path, my study goals and how to develop my academic knowledge to achieve a successful career.”

Anna is always ready to receive valuable advice from her family and school, along with an appreciation for every opportunity to learn and grow. It is this positive attitude that has helped Anna turn opportunities into reality and achieve resounding success.

🌼 Not only is she an outstanding student, Anna is also an active and quick-witted friend who is always enthusiastic about participating in school activities. Outside of class, Anna does not hesitate to enroll in talent search contests and tournaments, reaping many achievements and awards. One of Anna's most beautiful memories at APU was in 2021, when she and her teammates excelled to win the school's dance competition. This victory not only affirmed Anna's talent but also demonstrated her ability to collaborate, hone her skills and manage time effectively between studies and extracurricular activities.

👸 Sharing about balancing studies with participating in extracurricular activities, the APU Valedictorian of 2024 said: In the past, I had the opportunity to intern as an Event Marketing Assistant and Marketing Department Assistant. In addition, in 2021, I also started a small business, selling souvenirs and artwork online. These experiences have helped me develop many practical skills and apply the accumulated experience to my study projects at APU, such as team leadership skills, maintaining team spirit and effective coordination between members. Along with that, the knowledge and experience accumulated from studying at school supports my own aspirations and business projects.

🏆️ Full of emotion on the grand graduation day, Anna - the representative of the Class of 2024 graduates expressed her deep gratitude to the APU school and teachers: “The teachers have awakened the mathematical potential in each student, honed problem-solving skills and built a solid knowledge foundation for me to develop my abilities at university. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have dedicated themselves to teaching me and witnessing my progress over the years. I am the result of the warmth and love of all the APU teachers.”

🌟 APU believes that with these excellent qualities, Anna will continue to shine and achieve resounding success in her studies at University of Sydney - the top prestigious university in Australia and the world.