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Alumni Success Story


19/10/2022 1135


Le Ngoc Truyen has been a good student at APU HCM since high school, especially in Natural Sciences. Transmission is always strong because you especially love to research and like to challenge your limits. Marked as the valedictorian of APU in 2012, Truyen Le came to the United States in the spirit of a person who wanted to explore the boundless world of science in this country.

Choosing Chemistry as a way to challenge and experience passions, it is not surprising that Transferred to the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities to pursue a Bachelor of Chemistry. The University of Minnesota has a history dating back to 1851, is the second largest institution of higher education in the Midwest United States and the largest of the sixth system of universities in the United States overall, each year welcoming More than 50,000 students around the world study here.

At the University of Minnesota, Truyen had the opportunity to join the polymer research lab for 2 years and was a co-author on a scientific study on Renewable Polymers (Recyclable, Recyclable Cross-Linked Elastomers) chemically degraded and recyclable), the study was published in the Journal of Engineering & Industrial Chemistry. (*). This success has partly motivated Truyen to continue to conquer the path of in-depth research in this scientific field.

In 2017, after graduating with a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota, Truyen continued to study for a master's degree in chemistry, this time her destination was Berkeley University in California. This university is considered one of the most prestigious state universities in the US, established in 1868. Recently, Truyen was honored to receive a Master of Science degree - majoring in Chemistry from the prestigious Berkeley University. , the school ranked 4th in the ranking of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Currently, Truyen works at Lygos, a Biotechnology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded by a group of synthetic bioengineering experts at UC Berkeley.

APU International School congratulates Truyen Le on the successful first steps, wishes you always firmly on your career path, using your passion for scientific research to serve this life better and better.