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Alumni Success Story


19/10/2022 1664

Her Junhyuk - Alex, Class of 2022

Congratulations to Her Junhyuk - Alex, APU Alumni who recently have been admitted to 5 prestigious Korean schools in his hometown! Alex, graduating APU as one of the Salutatorians of Class of 2022 with a GPA of 4.0, has received certificates of acceptance from many top Korean universities apart from valuable scholarships from prestigious universities in the US (Arizona State University, UMKC, FIT, Central Michigan University..). - Yonsei University (top #2 in Korea) - Korea University (top #4 in Korea) - Sungkyunkwan University (top #5 in Korea) - Hanyang University (top #6 in Korea) - Sogang University (top #40 in Korea)

During his journey at APU, Junhyuk has achieved impressive educational accomplishments such as 4.0 GPA for 4 consecutive years; a score of 5 in AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and AP Computer science. Besides, he also took part in the Student Council for 3 years and, together with other members, held a lot of memorable events for APU students.

Even though having spent his important time, high school years, at APU with an American curriculum, Her Junhyuk is still successful in getting into prestigious universities in his hometown, Korea. This has once again reaffirmed that the international standardized education environment at APU allows students to acquire necessary intellectual competence, course credits and soft skills which can help them get transferred and admitted to prestigious universities from any country and become versatile global citizens.

When asked about his feelings and experiences at APU, Her Junhyuk is really excited to share that throughout his time at APU, he has met many great teachers and friends who inspired him to become better. He also wants to say thank you to Dr. Binh and APU for providing such a multicultural and dynamic learning environment for international students like him.

Congratulations to Her Junhyuk and we wish him the best in his future journey.