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Central Michigan University (CMU) VISIT TO AUV & APU

05/10/2023 161

Our students from APU - American International School and the American University in Vietnam - AUV recently had the opportunity to participate in an information exchange with Central Michigan University (CMU). This is one of the largest public research universities in the United States, with more than 60 locations across North America.


This meeting and exchange helped APU and AUV students understand more about CMU university to make choices for their future study abroad journey. With a lot of useful information through a unique introduction along with enthusiastic communication from CMU representatives, APU and AUV students immediately grasped the opportunity and confidently sent their questions right away. In particular, CMU also has its own preferential policies for APU and AUV students. APU-ers and AUV-ers are not required to have an English certificate. Furthermore, our students are awarded unique scholarships based on their GPA. In addition, CMU prioritizes awarding scholarships such as tuition exemption for APU valedictorians, or will enjoy the resident tuition policy (tuition for local residents) when they are APU salutatorians.

APU and prestigious universities around the world always stand side by side with the eagles to support a more diverse perspective on your future choices. Let's look forward to the upcoming new knowledge partners!