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Alumni Success Story

Bui Le Gia Han (Marry)

30/05/2022 893


Lets’ meet Bui Le Gia Han – APU class of 2021, who graduated one year earlier at APU. Furthermore, Gia Han wowed everyone with the number of scholarships she received from prestigious universities worldwide, which totaled more than 366,000 USD (over 8 billion VND). Below are some impressive accomplishments that Gia Han has achieved while she was still in school:

– President of APU Student Council for the school year 2020 – 2021
– Representing APU American International School to attend the Model United Nations (MUN)
– Receiving admission offers from 9 prestigious universities including Indiana University – Bloomington, Eastern Michigan University, San Francisco State University, Arizona State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Florida Institute of Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, The American University in Vietnam, Central Michigan University.

Gia Han has been with APU for over 11 years, preparing and accumulating the essential knowledge and skills to pursue her dream of studying in the United States. With her role as the President of the Student Council, Gia Han is well-known for her motto – “Dare to Think, Dare to Do”. She and her friends have successfully carried out many events such as the Christmas Party, Sponge Throwing for APU students, from planning to budget allocation to each member’s tasks. Gia Han also serves as a bridge between the APU student community and the teachers, bringing students’ opinions closer to the school.

Gia Han stands out not only for her achievements in extracurricular activities at school, but also for her excellent academic performance. Han is one of the few APU students attending the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Singapore. This conference is modeled after the United Nations, and students will be able to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations from experts from Oxford and the international student community. “To be properly prepared for this trip, my friends and I spent two months prior to the conference honing our abilities, expanding our knowledge, and conducting an extensive study on the subject. Furthermore, this is the first time I’ve had to plan the processes for going overseas on my own, which will help me be much more confident and experienced in the future when studying abroad. I was very nervous when I came to the conference and represented the Vietnamese student community to debate with international friends, but with the preparations that the teachers at APU gave me during my studies, I had the courage to overcome that feeling very quickly”

Additionally, Gia Han enrolled in the College Bridge Program (CBP), a unique program at APU that allows her to graduate earlier than her peers. This program allows Han to earn credits from American colleges while still in high school, allowing her to get a head start on learning the curriculum at American universities. She also shares her personal experiences with students who are interested in entering the CBP program: “If you want to finish your study program earlier, you can ask the teachers at APU for advice and come up with a study plan that’s right for you, you should also learn how to schedule and plan your studies yourself. Set a goal every day to be able to complete the lectures”. In the near future, APU will launch the Running Start program, which will allow students to earn credits from Universities around the world while still in high school, providing significant benefits as well as saving money and time for parents and students.

Gia Han revealed her future intentions, stating that she will enroll at San Francisco State University to study International Business Administration, and then she is going to pursue a Master’s degree before starting her own business. Thank you Gia Han for your inspiring story – we wish our strong and determined girl with best of luck and success in her journey!