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Alumni Success Story

Bui Le Gia Han

29/04/2022 723


Not only graduating 1 year earlier than her peers, Bui Le Gia Han also made a strong impression with a total scholarship value of more than 366,000 USD (more than 8 billion VND) from prestigious universities in the world. gender. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the impressive achievements of Gia Han since she was still in school such as:

– Holding the role of APU Student Council President for the 2020-2021 school year

– Represented the American International School APU to attend the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Singapore

– Received admission offers from 9 prestigious US universities including: Indiana University – Bloomington, Eastern Michigan University, San Francisco State University, Arizona State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Florida Institute of Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, The American University in Vietnam, Central Michigan University.

Incubating the dream of studying in the US since childhood, Gia Han has spent 11 years at APU to cultivate and accumulate the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for her future journey. At APU, Gia Han always stands out in the eyes of teachers as well as students with the image of "Dare to think - dare to do" when leading the Student Council as president. With her excellent leadership and leadership skills, Han and her friends successfully carried out many large and small events such as Christmas Party, Sponge Throwing, etc. student friends. In order for each event to be the most successful, Han and her friends worked very hard together from ideation, budget allocation to each person's duties when the event took place. In the position of Student Council President, Gia Han also represents the voice and bridge between the APU student community and the University, helping students' opinions come closer to the School's Board of Directors. that brings positive changes to the APU community.

Not only being active in extracurricular events at the school, Gia Han also stands out for her excellent academic performance. Han is one of the few students representing APU to attend the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Singapore. This conference is a model of the United Nations, where students have the opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations with experts from Oxford and the international student community. Gia Han shared: “To prepare well for this trip, I and my friends spent 2 months before the conference to hone our skills, knowledge and thoroughly research on the given topic. Besides, this is also the first time that I have to prepare the procedures to go abroad by myself, which helps me to be a lot more confident in studying abroad in the future. I was very nervous when I came to the conference and represented the Vietnamese student community to debate with international friends, but with the preparation that the teachers at APU gave me during my studies, I had the courage to overcome that feeling of lack of confidence very quickly.”

In addition, to shorten the study time and graduate early, Gia Han chose to study the University Bridge program (CBP), unique at APU. The program helps Han receive credits from American universities while still in high school, thereby helping you get acquainted with the curriculum at American universities very early. You also don't forget to share your experiences with your classmates after participating in the CBP program: “The students of the next class who want to complete the program sooner, can ask the teachers at APU for advice and come up with a plan. study that suits you, and at the same time learn to schedule and plan your own study, set goals for the day to be able to complete the lectures”. In the near future, in order to support APU students who wish to shorten graduation time, besides the CBP program, APU will bring the Running Start program, allowing students to receive credits from universities. studying in the US and the world while still in high school, bringing great advantages as well as saving money and time for parents and students.

Sharing about her future plans here, Gia Han said that she will become a student of International Business Administration at San Francisco State University, then pursue a Master's degree and start a company. own for yourself. Extremely impressive, isn't it, we can be sure that with a girl full of big dreams and ambitions like Gia Han, you are fully capable of achieving your goals. Hopefully Gia Han's story will inspire and motivate all of us on the path to pursue our passions and dreams!