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Alumni Success Story

Harry Bao Chan

29/04/2022 756


Chan may appear to be quite shy, but on the contrary, is an active member of the school community. As a student with a passion for science, APU has helped to nurture this special passion for him since middle school.

Chan shared, “I like the teaching methods at APU, which are mostly project-based learning and working in groups. These learning methods help me reduce test pressure as project grades will be counted instead of taking tests. Furthermore, they enable me to develop essential skills such as being self-directed in working on independent research projects. “

His growth mindset and self-confidence have been nurtured through the competitions and activities inside and outside the school. He was part of a winning team at the Saigon STEAM Science Fair 2017, a competition for all International School students in Ho Chi Minh City. Their project excellently won third place along with another team from APU who also won second place. Additionally, he participates actively in extracurricular activities by being a member of APU Student Council 2019-2020, and APU’s Ecology Club. Recently, Chan successfully secured a spot on the delegation team to attend Oxford Model United Nations in Singapore last October. During his free time, he also works as a volunteer in the Tam Viet Charity organization, which provides medical care to poor people in remote regions. These life-changing lessons that he learned at APU helped Chan win the acceptance of UBC, ranked the second-best university in Canada.

Since grade 8, APU has always been his second home. Being accepted to the Computer Science program at UBC amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, as a prospective young scientist, who is both happy and confused, he realizes the true value of a scientist when the world calls and hopes everything will calm down soon. “We don’t stop!” Chan expressed, “we are just taking a break, preserving our energy for a long journey in the future.”

Congratulations to Chan and his family for this wonderful achievement. May your dream to be a successful Computer Scientist come true. May you soar like an eagle in the sky. Strong and unstoppable.