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30/08/2018 992

As the name of the Camp implies, the 2-day event was held to help students bond together and create memories by working together and having fun.

Together with Thai Phien Scout Team, APU Danang developed games and team building activities. Every student went all out, giving it their full potential with the aim of claiming the win for their team. The students also had their chance to show their talents at the Night Show as all teams were required to prepare a performance.

This camp was an opportunity for students to build on their personal potential in various ways. Some of the students who are usually quiet and reserved in class were suddenly energetic and taking the lead during camp activities. If happiness was an indication of success, then the continuous smiles means the two-day camp was a hit.

“At the end of this school year, I will leave APU to study abroad. Therefore, this is the last time I will be able to join the Camp with my friends, so I cherish every single moment and memory created here for these two days. Thank you, APU Danang, for creating this precious opportunity to have fun,” Thien Bao, an 11th grader shared.