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17/02/2023 644

A meaningful experience for all ES APU-ers at APU Spelling Bee Competition 2023

Spelling Bee has been a well-known competition in which students are asked to spell a wide range of words correctly. 

To examine students’ knowledge as well as make lessons more engaging, APU - Early Childhood and Elementary School held this contest with attendance of all ES classes.

apu spelling bee 


️After small rounds took place in each classroom, the top finishers, or “Class Champions”, participated in the Finals Competition in which students were categorized into 2 groups to compete against each other within the group including Grade 1 to 3 and Grade 4 to 5. With great support from classmates, all contestants finished their performance very well and after breathtaking final rounds, the Finals Champions called out to: 

1st place Spelling Bee: 

  • ISAIAH TRI DUNG ROBERTSON - Upper Elementary
  • MILAN BLUM - Lower Elementary

2nd place Spelling Bee

  • DANG NGUYEN KHOI - Upper Elementary
  • KIM YUJU - Lower Elementary

3rd place Spelling Bee

  • MAI UY DUNG - Upper Elementary
  • TRAN HONG DUC - Lower Elementary


This competition is an amazing opportunity for the students to strengthen their English skills as well as boost their memory and confidence in front of the public.

Congratulations to all Classroom Champions and Finals Champions!! 

Let's take a look at these memorable moments of our intelligent little APU-ers!!!