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21/05/2024 77

The 2023-2024 academic year at APU Early Childhood and Elementary School has officially concluded with a spectacular closing ceremony!

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The ceremony was filled with excitement and warmth as APU teachers, APU students, and esteemed parents gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the year.

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Throughout the school year, our APU Eagles have been diligently studying, acquiring knowledge, and growing every day. Their hard work was duly recognized during the closing ceremony with awards and thunderous applause.

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The ceremony also served as an opportunity for APU-ers to express their deepest gratitude to their teachers, the dedicated mentors who have guided them along their educational journey and helped them blossom.

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The smiles and resounding applause echoed through the hall, symbolizing the promise of an even more glorious year ahead at APU. Let's continue to write new chapters in our journey of learning, filled with joy and success!

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