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APU Da Nang – APU Connection Camp 2019

22/04/2019 2899

APU Da Nang just wrapped up its most anticipated annual event of the year: APU Connection Camp 2019. Grade 8-12 Students took a break from their hard work in the classroom on Friday to show their team spirit at this great all-night gathering. Creativity, cooperation, and spirit were put to work in an evening full of music, skits, games, competitions, dances, arts & crafts, chants, bonfires and laughter.

The goal of the annual APU Connection Camp is right there in the name. It forges connections among students to each other, the APU staff, and the great outdoors. The connection Camp creates and strengthens community and friendship and builds lasting memories that keep students talking all the year.

Thanks to all who pulled together to make this year’s Connection Camp such a raving success. We can’t wait until next year!